Aviation Engineering

Aviation Engineering

Aviation engineering deals with the knowledge of maintenance of aircrafts and its safety and security. As humans, we have progressed a lot in the science of aeronautics with a person being able to fly to any part of the world today at any instant. But, in our ambition for faster growth, we have been neglecting factors like safety and security. Thus, today more than ever, there is a global need for learned Aviation Engineers, especially in a country like India, with a budding interest in the Aeronautical Sciences. Even economically speaking, the knowledge of Aviation Engineering can lead to increased lifespan of aircrafts which, in turn, would reduce the cost of travelling anywhere even further. From a military point of view also, a considerable portion of any country’s finances in spent on their aviation forces. With certified Aviation engineers, a good part of these funds can be allocated for the betterment of the country!

In India, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Govt of India, has provided approval for the study of Aviation Engineering, which means that any student completing this course and gaining the license will be internationally certified as being capable of certifying aircraft as fit or unfit for flights. The student will also gain knowledge and experience in the following aspects during the course:

  • Technicalities related to the build, functioning and maintenance of aircraft;
  • Procedural knowledge on the working system of regulation of aviation facilities;
  • Knowledge on the optimized designs of aircraft and how to design them; and,
  • Variations amongst aircraft based on the purpose of use and otherwise.


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