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Educational Objectives

Biotechnology is a synergy of biological, chemical and physical sciences along with information technology. It relates with applied life sciences (genetics, microbiology, animal cell culture, molecular biology, biochemistry, embryology, cell biology, etc.). It also includes chemical engineering, bioprocess engineering, information technology, and nanotechnology.

Biotechnology is a technological application that uses biological systems, living organisms, or processes for a specific use. Understanding the science of biotechnology is helpful in making informed decisions & personal choices related to products derived from its use.
Biotechnology is associated with the use of genetically altered micro-organisms for production of insulin, antibiotics, enzymes, etc. [ It also refers to transgenic animals or plants for desired food/ product production]. Another promising new biotechnology application is the development of plant-made pharmaceuticals. Biotechnology is also commonly associated with breakthroughs in medical therapies & diagnostic devices. Biotechnologists tinker with living organisms. They use biochemistry and genetics to create new products for the agricultural, industrial, and environmental industries. These products include vaccines, medicines, growth hormones for plants, and food additives. Biotech deals with the combined aspects of engineering & life science to resulting in providing outputs.


10+2 (PCB) with 45%.


03 Years

Admission Process

Admission can be taken directly on merit/marks basis or through AGI(CET)

Fee Structure For B.Sc (BioTechnology) Session 2021-22

The tuition fee for B.Sc (BioTechnology) is INR 17,500/- per Sem.

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    Career Prospects

    It has a wide variety of career opportunities both in research and industry ranging from sales and marketing, research and development to manufacturing, quality control, and quality assurance, teaching, science writing and communication, and self-employment. Scientific Directors, Scientists, Research Associates, Research Assistants, Bioinformatics Scientist, Bioinformatics Analyst, Molecular Modeler, Facility Manager/Supervisor (Plant/Sciences), Research Assistant.

    Students of biotechnology find employment in research labs, biotechnology companies, and government agencies which control the applications in agriculture, research, and industry. Students can work as Research Assistants / Scientists at various government institutes and organizations doing research and development in:

    1. Agriculture, Horticulture and dairy firms.
    2. Drug Companies
    3. Cosmetics and Garment Industries
    4. Food Processing Industries

    Employment Areas

    Employment Area in Government Sectors

    • Agricultural Industries
    • Agro-based Industries
    • Aquaculture Industries
    • Chemical Industries
    • Food Processing Industries
    • Gene Banks
    • Pharmaceutical Industries
    • Science writing and Communication
    • Teaching at school, college & university levels
    • Environmental specialist
    • Research Laboratories
    • Media Houses as Science Writer
    • Marketing
    • Project Management
    • NGO
    • Self Employment
    • Biotechnology Firms
    • Botanical Gardens
    • Farm Management Organizations
    • Fermentation Industries (including Breweries)
    • Herbal Products Companies
    • Higher Education After B.Sc. Biotech w/CBZ

    Job Opportunities

    Biology Content Developer

    Biology Researcher

    Biological Technician


    Nursery Manager



    Environment Consultant

    Farming Consultant

    Plant Explorer




    Laboratory Technician

    Plant Researcher

    Science Adviser


    Weed Scientist

    Plant Biochemist

    Molecular Biologist

    Museum Educator


    Natural Resources Manager

    Higher Education After B. Sc. (Biotechnology)-CBZ

    These are the following higher education which can be done by studnet after this course.

    • M. Sc.
    • Ph. D.

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