How to make a career in Pharmacy?

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There are many possibilities for a Pharmacy career in the present time. If you also want to know about the same, then in this post you will get all the information related to Pharmacy which will help to clear your doubts about this career option

In this article, we will tell you which course to do to make a career in pharmacy. From which college should I do pharmacy course? What are the career options in Pharmacy? What is the fee for the pharmacy course?

Career scope in Pharmacy

If you have interest in medicines then pharmacy course is best for you because at this time there is a lot of scope of pharmacy in fast growing sectors. In this, the business of medical, paramedical and related to this sector is developing rapidly.

The field of Pharmacy related to medicine is also considered to be of big opportunities at this time. People interested in the discovery or development of useful drugs that can benefit in various diseases can make a career in Pharmacy by doing various courses related to the Pharmacy sector. The work related to the discovery and development of new medicines is done in the pharmacy.

Pharmacy has a great career scope in today’s time, but it has many career options. like-

Hospital Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy, Technical Pharmacy, Research Agencies, Medical Dispensing Store, Sales and Marketing Department, Educational Institutes, Health Centers, Medical Representative, Clinical Researcher, Market Research Analyst, Medical Writer, Analytical Chemist, Pharmacist, Oncologist, Regulatory Manager etc. can act as

Career options in Pharmacy

Pharmacy is a field, where you have many career options. You can go in any field as per your wish. Let us tell you all the options of Pharmacy me career option.

There are many career options available in Pharmacy in both government and private sectors. Apart from this, you can start self-employment in this field.

In Government Sector- Pharmacy career

Appointment of Pharmacists in state or central government hospitals, health and family welfare departments and public pharmaceutical companies is done from time to time.

Similarly, Pharmacy experts are also recruited for the selection of drug inspectors or government analysts to be appointed for quality control and testing of drugs. Apart from this, vacancies are also released from time to time for the appointment of Pharmacist in the Central Armed Forces.

Private Sector- Pharmacy career

Companies engaged in the manufacture of drugs and distribution of drugs, recruit Medical Representatives (MRs) on a large scale for sales and promotional activities. People having Diploma or Degree in Pharmacy are given preference in this profession.

In which their job is to inform the doctors about the products of pharmaceutical companies and increase the sales of the related product. Overall, here you have to increase and promote the sale of medicines.

Career in Drug Manufacturing

It is an important branch of Pharmacy. You can work in this field as a Molecular Biologist, Pharmacologist, Toxicologist or Medical Investigator. In this, molecular biologists study the gene structure and the use of proteins in medical and drug research.

Pharmacologists study the effects of medicines on human organs and tissues. Toxicologists conduct tests to measure the negative effects of drugs. Medical investigator is a field related to the development and testing of new medicines.

Pharmacist in a private hospital

Apart from government hospitals, pharmacists are also needed in private hospitals. Hospital pharmacists are responsible for the storage, stocking and distribution of medicines and other medical aids, whereas pharmacists in the retail sector should be able to operate a pharmaceutical business as a business manager.

Career in Clinical Research

Under this, research is done about the newly launched medicine, how safe and effective it is. There is a clinical trial for this. Many foreign companies are coming to the country for clinical research. Drug screening work involves testing new drugs or formulations on animal models or conducting clinical research.

Quality controller

It is considered a very important function of the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to research and development regarding new drugs, there is also a need to ensure that the results being reported for these medicines are safe, sustainable and as per expectation.

Branding & Sales Promotion

After a degree in pharmacy, a student can make a career as a medical representative in sales and marketing of drugs and medicine. Apart from the sales of the product, marketing professionals also keep an eye on the market competition to see which product has more potential in the market, according to which they plan the marketing.


It is related to the process of testing and development of new medicines. The hospital pharmacist is responsible for the stocking and distribution of medicines and other medical related materials. In the retail sector, a pharmacist has to do pharmaceutical business while working as a business manager.

Career in research

Government organizations and private companies are constantly conducting research to discover new drugs and increase the capacity of old drugs. Private or public research organizations may be selected to use their competencies and knowledge to develop new products. This work usually involves the holders of M.Pharm or PhD degree.

Career in teaching

After doing M Pharm or PhD in Pharmacy, you can go into the field of teaching. There are many private and government institutes in the country for the study of Pharmacy. There is still a shortage of institutes of this subject as per the need, but proposals are also pending regarding the creation of many institutes in different states and increasing the number of seats in the course.

Due to this, it is also natural to increase the demand for qualified people to teach this subject in the coming times. Therefore, if you have an inclination towards teaching work, you can start a career as a lecturer after doing PG level studies in pharmacy.

Start your own medical store

After doing D Pharma or B Pharma, if you do not want to do a job, then you can open your own medical store. A license is required to start a medical store and to get it one must be registered with the State Pharmacy Council with a Diploma in Pharmacy. You will get a license to open a medical store in the jurisdiction of the state council in which you will get yourself registered.

Work of pharmacist

The job of a pharmacist is to give the medicines prescribed by the doctor to the patient.

Informing patients about the safe and effective use of medicines.

Resolving patient doubts related to medication, illness and lifestyle changes that will help the patient recover from the disease. This is the job of a pharmacist in the hospital.

Skills for Pharmacist-

  • In-depth knowledge of drugs
  • Have an interest in science subjects, especially life sciences and medicine.
  • Be willing to work hard for the job.
  • logical thinking
  • Communication efficiency and better understanding of products
  • business skills required
  • Must have patience to understand the point of the patients.

Pharmacy course in India

If you want to make a career in Pharmacy, then for this you will need to do a course related to Pharmacy. After B. Pharm, you can also do an M. Pharm course if you want.

If you have passed 12th examination with Physics, Chemistry and Math or Biology subjects then you can enroll in D. Pharm (Diploma in Pharmacy) course or take admission in B. Pharm. Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy is a must for admission to Master’s degree courses.

Admission to the Diploma or Bachelor’s degree course of Pharmacy is through the marks obtained in class XII or through an entrance test. After obtaining a two-year diploma, you not only have the option of opening a drugstore, but also the option of continuing further studies.

Direct admission is also available in the second year of B. Pharm course under the Lateral Entry Scheme on the basis of D. Pharm. If you are not able to get admission in a government college then you can take direct admission in a private college. Nowadays there is a medical college, paramedical college in every city.