M.Sc Genetic & Plant Breeding

Being a very important branch of applied science and Agriculture, through genetic technology, disease-resistant properties in plants and trees are developed that could fight against diseases attacking them. Food from this technique is also produced which are known in the form of G.M. foods- genetically modified foods. On the levels of the national and International, the contribution of genetics scientists is enormous to giving a new direction in the field of agriculture, in growing disease-resistant crops and ensuring greater confidence in food security. Genetics and plant breeding is a subject that plays an important role in the progress of the nation besides giving self- satisfaction.

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Career Prospects

One can begin career in agricultural universities and other Agricultural related companies as

  1. Entrepreneurship in their own field.
  2. As a subject faculty in college/University
  3. In the crop research directorates.
  4. Plants hereditary resource bureau as plant reproduction.
  5. Cytogeneticians

Employment Areas

M. Sc. (Genetic And Plant Breeding) Job Types

  • Educational Institutes
  • Plant Breeding Centers
  • Genetic Engineering Firms
  • Nurseries
  • Agriculture Departments
  • Biotechnology Companies
  • Crop Plantation Facilities
  • Agriculture Ministries
  • Research Laboratories
  • Agricultural Scientist
  • Crop Research Directorates etc.

Job Opportunities

  • Scientist - Discovery Plant/Crop Breeder
  • Vegetable Discovery Genetic

  • Assistant Grower
  • Plant Research Associate

  • Research Associate
  • Plant Research Specialist

  • Assistant Breeding Project Lead
  • Plant Delivery Team Lead

Higher Education After M. Sc. (Genetic And Plant Breeding) Job Types

  • Ph. D.