MSc in Environmental Science

MSc in Environmental Science is essentially the study of protection of energy biodiversity, global environmental change, water ecology & aquifer and soil degradation and furthermore the investigation of advancements created for treating air contamination, water contamination, vehicular contamination, noise pollution, electronic & plastic waste and radioactive waste. 

Recently, Environmental Science has arisen as a profession of choice since individuals all around the globe have become more mindful of keeping the environment clean, protected and sustainable. Environmental Science as a profession extends to tremendous open career opportunities both in public as well as private sector.

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Employment Areas

They can apply for various jobs in Govt. Organization’s given Below :

  • Master degree course gives a solid base for higher degree programmes in respective subjects, e.g. M.Phil., etc.
  • They can go for teaching in schools on private basis and after passing NET exam they can become permanent lecturer at colleges/universities level.
  • After having passed the degree course the candidates are able to protect the environment from destruction or pollution. Cleansing of rivers and forests are some of the activities in which the environmentalist is involved.
  • The course provides flexibility to work in all kinds of environments, which is developed through field-work experience.

Job Opportunities

  • National Level Departments/ Organizations
  • Industries , distilleries, fertilizer plants, mines, refineries, textile mills etc.
  • Social Development
  • Research and Development
  • Forest and Wildlife Management
  • NGOs

  • Pollution Control Boards
  • Urban Planning
  • Water Resources and Agriculture
  • Public Institutions and Private Industries and Firms
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Ministry of Environment and Forests.

  • Wildlife Film - Maker
  • Environment Photographer
  • Environment Journalist
  • Forest Carbon Specialist
  • Research Assistant
  • Director - Waste Management

  • Lecturer & Professor
  • Research Fellow
  • Senior Catastrophe Risk Modeller
  • Senior Programme Officer
  • Environmental Technician
  • Product Manager - Environmental Health & Safety

Higher Education After M. Sc. (Environmental Science)

  • Ph. D