MSc in Horticulture

MSc in Horticulture is a significant part of agribusiness. It is an applied science managing fruits, vegetables, ornamental, medicinal and plantation crops. It is an amazingly expanding field with almost limitless professional opening in an assortment occupation setting. It is a tremendous subject and partitioned in 3 significant branches:-

Olericulture: – The investigation of vegetable developing, managing the way of life of nonwoody plants for food is called as “Olericulture”. The individuals who play out the exercises of vegetable developing are known as “Olericulturist”.

Pomology: – It is a branch of horticulture that studies fruit and its cultivation. One involved in the science of pomology is called a pomologist.

Medicinal & Plantation: – Medicinal plants are the plants that possess therapeutic properties pharmacological effect on the human body.

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Career Prospects

It is a field that holds ample scope, whether one wants to be a full time or part-time horticulturist one can opt for this career option and make a decent living out of it.
It gives immense opportunities for a lucrative career in both public and private sectors, apart from public and private sector jobs, one can opt for teaching jobs in universities and colleges.
The career opportunities for horticulturist’s ranges from commercial and environmental sectors to research as well as in journalism and its importance can be felt as an independent department of Horticulture has been introduced in central and state government.

Employment Areas

M. Sc. Horticulture Job Types

  • Production and Sales. Operating a business or managing an orchard, vegetable farm, greenhouse, flower or plant shop, nursery, landscaping service, garden center, or food processing firm.
  • Public Gardens
  • Marketing
  • Research
  • Teaching
  • Industry Support
  • Inspection
  • Landscape Construction and Management

Higher Education After M. Sc. (Horticulture)

  • Ph. D.