Educational Objectives

Engineering, one amongst the most widely pursued studies in the world today and most pursued stream of education in India, is the study of working of any and everything. It deals with the practical application of scientific knowledge and theories and is related to the development, designing, manufacturing and demolition of literally any man-made object around you. The vastness of the applications of engineering ranges from Aircrafts to toys, tissue papers to satellites, pens to the CERN large hadron super collider. While mainstream engineering in India in still based on a more theoretical approach, a Diploma in Engineering is based on a completely practical approach wherein all the knowledge is passed on with a direct hands-on approach. Today, with people being able to pursue their dream stream of education, Diploma in Engineering is for those who have their hearts in the thrill of developments!

From an educational viewpoint, in the interest of sparking a shift towards practical approach in students, the course is designed to meet the following objectives:

  • To impart specific knowledge on the stream of interest;
  • To make students capable of innovating and practically developing objects of newer and improved technology;
  • To make students capable of resolving various issues of the existing technology related to their field of interest; and,
  • To inculcate a habit of “doing” and understanding things at the ground level and to provide clarity on how to practically approach any situation!


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