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At our institute, students from various parts of the country come together to enrol themselves in over a diverse range of academic courses and that is what builds up the energy here! And we believe it is our responsibility, as an Institute, to nurture them, especially those leaving their families behind to gain academic prowess, and provide them an environment where they thrive and grow together in all aspects of life, academically and otherwise.

Thus, to make sure this happens, a very significant part of our administrative team is dedicated to planning out the minutest details to provide a comfortable and growth-complimenting home to the future leaders of our nation!

From excellent accommodations for students to comfortable classrooms to safe means of transportation within our 24-acre campus to 24-hour medical facilities for the students to the availability of space and equipment for extra-curricular activities etc., everything is taken care of by the Institute. The presence of nature in all its glory, with exquisite greenery and a beautiful water body, helps the students have a calm and peaceful mindset, especially in their down times.


Located amidst the beautiful lush green valleys of Doon with a river flowing nearby no less, the 24-acre campus is sprawling with life through the day 365 days a year! Not only does the location provide a very picturesque scenic beauty topped with mountains apart from a very pleasant and lovable climate, but the students also find themselves near to nature and feel a sense of peace and calm. But even in spite of the location, the campus does not lack any sort of infrastructure ranging from food to technology to general supplies to accommodations etc., every aspect in taken care of by the institute.


It is very necessary to make the environment comfortable enough for students to focus completely on education, and understanding this, we have designed our classrooms for the same! Apart from being well-ventilated and spacious, all the classrooms are air-conditioned and well-furnished. To further promote students’ interests towards studies, audio-visual aids like smart class have been set-up, specifically to dilute the difficulty level and increase understanding, interest and retention!


Even in this era of modernisation, it is very clear that technology has failed to replace books as the primary source of knowledge! And thus, the University houses a private library holding more than 25000 books over an extensive list of subjects, where students and faculties from all streams and seniority can not only get aid with general academics, but can also compliment their research, interests, curiosities and so much more. The library can house a lot of people at once and students can just spend their days reading and learning here!


A very significant complimenting aspect of academics are labs. No matter how much theoretical knowledge is provided in the classrooms, without labs it would next to impossible to embed their essence in the students!

Recognising this fact, the AGI campus houses highly modernised labs equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. All the labs are divided as per the stream of academics they cater to, but are commonly upgraded regularly with time so as to make sure they are technologically updated.

Compliant with International standards, our labs also have dedicated faculties so that students are taught the minutest details of any experiment with extreme sophistication and to broaden their thinking horizons beyond the scope of curricular experiments.


For the overall personality development of the students, indulgence in sports is one of the best methods! Not only does a student become physically and mentally fit, but also gains a lot on the various aspects of dealing with situations, people etc. Thus, Alpine continuously keeps organising a lot of events at the institutional as well as the district level. Not only for competitions, students can also indulge themselves regularly in various sports like cricket, badminton, volleyball, table tennis etc. in the vast campus with excellent gears provided by the institute.


Most of our students are from different parts of the country and one of the most important things that they leave behind for education is the healthy, nutritional and delicious home-cooked food. To make sure that this is more than just made-up for, our cafe provides a variety of dishes, many belonging to various regions of the country. This food prepared here, though delicious, is prepared under very stringent hygiene rules, adhering to strict calculations for nutritional value. Our students have been noted to not only love the food but also the ambience so much that a lot many ideas have sprouted here and the cafeteria has played host to a lot of intellectual discussions!


The Institute provides a very well planned transport service to the students to make their commute hassle free. Apart from providing pick-up and drop facilities to the students throughout the city, Alpine is also very connected by local buses from the airport, railway station ISBT bus stand. While the cities of Vikas Nagar and Paonta Sahib are only a 45-minute drive away, the clocktower of Dehradun is only a meagre 20-minute drive away from the campus, located on NH-72!


A very unique and enticing part of this varied campus are the actual aircrafts (a Beech Bonanza A-35, a R-22 Helicopter & a Learjet 25-B Heavy Aircraft), present exclusively for the students to learn rocket-science (almost literally!) with a more practical approach to gain a better understanding and get a greater grip over concepts! Though significant, these aircrafts are just an example of the extent Alpine is willing to go to, in order to provide its students the best possible education!


Like food, another important aspect, probably the biggest, that the students leave behind while coming here are their homes. Alpine takes it up as a duty to make the children feel at home and to keep them happy and safe, something their parents are always worried about. Thus, the following things are particularly taken care of:

  • Round the clock electricity and water supply;
  • Round the clock security with armed personnel;
  • Round the clock availability of medical aid, with doctors available to visit on call;
  • Extremely hygienic and well-built toilets;
  • Laundry facility within the premises; and,
  • Very hygienic, nutritious and delicious food.

Hostel life is something which forms the majority of any person’s college life. Here at AGI, it is complemented by a lot of healthy activities like yoga, exercises, gym and tasteful activities like singing, dancing etc.

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