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Educational Objectives

Forestry is the art and science of tree resource, including plantations and natural stands. It is an independent scientific branch which deals with practical and theoretical aspects containing different aspects of forestry with their proper management. Those holding bachelors’ degree and master’s degree in forestry can apply for state government as well as central government through Indian Forest Service (IFS) examination.


B.Sc. Forestry with 50%


02 Years

Admission Process

Admission can be taken directly on merit/marks basis or through AGI(CET)

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    Career Prospects

    Foresters can work in offices, laboratories or outdoors depending on their field of specialization.Employment opportunities exist with:

    1. Governmental, Non- Governmental organization interested in preservation of forest resources.
    2. Organisation having own plantation for timbering.
    3. Industries that utilized forest resources employ Forestry and agricultural consultants.
    4. In Wildlife sancturies,zoo and wildlife national parks.
    5. In Education sectors like colleges and Universities.
    6. Entry into Central government offices through the Indian Forest Service (IFS) examination conducted by the U.P.S.C.

    Employment Areas

    M. Sc. (Forestry) Job Types

    • Conservation Scientist
    • Agricultural and Food Scientist
    • Firefighter
    • Forest and Conservation Worker
    • Environmental Educator
    • Naturalist, Interpreter
    • Natural Resources Policy Representative

    Job Opportunities


    Forest Range Officer


    Forestry Technicians

    Forest Officer

    Forestry Staff

    Forest Professionals

    Natural Resource Technician

    Operations Forester

    Senior Forestry Consultant

    Foresters Silviculturist

    Field Investigator

    Higher Education After M. Sc. (Forestry)

    • Ph. D

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