Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Production)

Educational Objectives

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Production) is a Diploma level Production Engineering course. Production Engineering is a blend of manufacturing technology and management science.

  • Production Engineering (Manufacture Engineering), deals with planning, designing, developing and managing various processes to produce high quality products.

A subset of Mechanical Engineering is interdisciplinary in nature as it blends science and technology together.

  • The course deals with designing, development, construction, testing of tools, machines and motors, etc. There is learning about machines and their work.

It deals with creating and running systems. During production devices can vary from computers to robots to material handling machines. Basically they are all about improving these machines.


Add 10th with Science for 3 Years Duration and for Lateral Entry: 12th with PCM for 2 Years Duration


03 Years

Fee Structure For Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Production) Session 2021-22

The tuition fee for Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Production) is INR 17,500/- per Sem.

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    Career Prospects

    Mechanical Engineering finds application in all fields of technology. It is one of the primitive branches of Engineering which have remained always in demand and continue to be in the future. This is why Mechanical trade is called as an Evergreen trade (branch). Mechanical engineers have always been needed as an essential staff personnel in various industries of both public and private sector. Their work criteria changes according to the type and domain of the company they are working with.As the Industrial sector has drastically risen in pace, the need for more mechanical engineers has increased exponentially. Every manufacturing and production industry needs mechanical engineers to carry out jobs efficiently and flawlessly for their companies.

    Employment Areas

    Employment Area in Government and Private Sectors

    Diploma Holders In Mechanical Engineering (Production) Have Good Career Opportunities In Government Sector And Also In Private Sector Enterprises.

    • Colleges & Universities
    • John Deere
    • Boeing
    • NEPC
    • Hyundai Groups
    • Complete Surveying Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
    • BMP Education & Management Solutions LLP
    Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Practical

    Job Opportunities

    Assist. Senior Manager

    Production Support Engineer

    Shift In-charge

    Production Engineering Architect

    Foundry Production Engineer and Manager


    Production Engineer

    Asst. Production Engineer

    Production/Quality Engineer

    Sr. Production Engineer


    and many more..

    Higher Education After Mechanical Engineering (Production)

    • Automobile Engineering
    • Power Engineering
    • Production Engineering
    • Industrial Engineering
    • Aeronautical Engineering
    • Marine Engineering
    • Robotics
    • Biomechanics
    • Piping Engineering
    • CADD
    • Mechatronics
    • Fluid Mechanics
    • Thermodynamics
    • and many more

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