Aircraft Maintenance Engineering India

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course

AME – Objectives

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course is an international program approved by Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Govt of India. An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is responsible for the safety, security and maintenance of an aircraft.

No aircraft can fly without its safety certification by an appropriately License holder Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. Thus as Aircraft Maintenance Engineer shoulders having the responsibility of aircraft safety and the personnel onboard on the behalf of Govt. of India.

To be eligible for issuing a Flight Release Certificate (fit to fly), an engineer required to possess a valid Aircraft Maintenance Engineer License issued by the DGCA, Govt. of India.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is a 4 years license program in which candidate has to undergo tentatively between 2 to 2.5* years regular academic program conducted by the DGCA approved AME institutes and 2-year training in Airline or MRO Industries. In the academic program, the student has to complete their module papers conducted by DGCA.

After completion of modules and required experience students will get Aircraft Maintenance Engineer License and On the basis of AME, License students can do the job as Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in government sector as well as private sector worldwide.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course is divided into the following streams. The college has approval in all the categories B1 & B2.

Mechanical (B1)
Aeroplane & Power Plant (B1.1 & B1.2)
Helicopter & Power Plant (B1.3)

Avionics (B2)

Eligibility for Aircraft Maintainance Engineering Course

3 Years Engineering Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering, Diploma in Mechanical, Diploma in Electronics and Communication and Diploma in Electrical and Electronics. 10 +2 PCM with 50%

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    Fee Structure

    SNCourseDurationFee Per Semester
    1Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME)2 YearsINR 75,000/Per Sem
    SNSeatersPer Year Fee
    14 seaters65,000/- per year
    23 seaters75,000/- per year

    Responsibilities & Lifestyle Of An Aircraft Maintainance Engineer

    An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is responsible for ensuring an aircraft operates properly and safely. A maintenance engineer resolve, troubleshoot problems, conduct inspections and make upgrades to aircraft. Daily duties may include keeping records, performing scheduled maintenance, making emergency repairs and preparing for DGCA inspections.

    An Aircraft Maintainance Engineering Course works with specialized aviation and power tools, computers, diagnostic equipment and x-ray machines. While working, he or she may climb ladders or stand on scaffolds, manage other maintenance staff or spend long hours on emergency repairs. Maintenance engineers must carefully observe all DGCA rules and regulations when performing any job duty.

    According to, in May 2016 Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AME) earned a median annual salary of $62,620/-, in Indian currency it is approx INR 40 Lakhs per year.

    Employment opportunities after completing Aircraft Maintainance Engineering Course

    Employment Area in Government and Private Sectors

    • Airlines
    • MRO Industries
    • Aircraft Manufacturing Companies
    • Aircraft Part Manufacturing Companies
    • Aircraft Operation organization
    • Aviaiton Training Centers
    • Flying Clubs
    • Civil Forces
    • Civil Aviation Organizations
    • And any place where an aircraft is used in civil.
    Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Practical

    Job Opportunities

    Top National Recruiting Airlines

    Air India

    Jet Airways


    Spirit Air



    Air India

    Supreme Airlines


    Alliance Air

    Luwang Air


    Air Deccan

    Blue Dart Aviation

    Pinnacle Air

    Titan Aviation

    MRO & Other Organizations:

    • Air India Limited
    • Air Works India (Engineering) Pvt Ltd
    • Arrow Aviation Services Pvt Ltd
    • Blue Dart Aviation Limited
    • Cochin International Aviation Services
    • Deccan Aviation
    • Eaton Aerospace
    • HAMCO
    • and hundreds of more..

    Top Global Recruiting Organizations

    • All Nippon Airways.
    • Cathay Pacific.
    • Etihad Airwaysingapore Airlines.
    • Japan Airline
    • Korean Air.
    • Qatar Airways
    • Singapore Airlines
    • and hundreds of more..

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