Bachelor of Pharmacy

Bachelor of Pharmacy Course is a program in the clinical field of Pharmacy, intended to educate students with the essential concepts of pharmaceutical science. The motivation behind the Bachelor of Pharmacy program is to get students ready with the important skills and scholarly information in the complete field of pharmacy covering practical and theory aspects of pharmaceutics, pharmacognosy, pharma chemistry, pharmacology and other subjects of pharmacy. 

Bachelor of Pharmacy graduates are ready to fill in as individuals required by the medical care teams. Students are taught industry morals including those clinical explorations, life care systems and other topics of life saving industry. 

This course covers other ethical subjects like utilization of stem cells, genetic testing and issues related to human cloning. Students are educated to review drug approval processes, drug discovery and pharmaceutical applications. They learn about the immense administrative necessities associated with testing, screening, pre-clinical, and clinical trials of medications.

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Career Prospects

Preparing medication for dispensing and compounding pharmaceuticals, Preparing aseptic products, performing inventory control, purchasing, merchandising, and record-keeping as required under such acts as the Food and Drug Act. B.Pharma Syllabus is designed in such a way that it includes both practical and theory subjects. the course prepares students to assist in narcotics control, third-party billing, drug distribution, pre-packing pharmaceuticals, computer processing, and clerical and other duties as necessary.

Degree Holders of B. Pharmacy may start practicing as pharmacists in India. They may also work at drug stores in government hospitals, clinics, private hospitals, community health centres, or private drug stores. Across various kinds of work setups, they usually check prescriptions (made by the doctor), provide patients advice and directions, dispense drugs patients, keep stock of drugs in storage, maintain accounts and inventory.

Other than working for hospitals or private drug stores, such professionals may even start their own private drug stores, with access to decent financial resources and entrepreneurship skills. In pharmaceutical companies, they work at divisions like process control, manufacturing, quality control, and marketing. While in the marketing sector, they may work for firms involved in pharmaceutical products marketing. They may also work as:

1. Medical representatives, medical transcriptionists, technical supervisors.

2. Chemists, pharmacists, quality analysts, medical representatives.

3. Production executives, scientific officers in private firms.

Job Opportunities

  • Health Centers
  • Pharmaceuticals Firms
  • Chemist Shops
  • Research Agencies
  • Hospitals

Top Recruiting Organizations

  • Mankind
  • Cipla
  • Sun pharmaceuticals Industry Ltd
  • INTAS Biopharmaceutical
  • Macleods